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Product Description and Contents

The Complete Bow Spider Bow Packing System includes: One (1) Receiver, One (1) Anodized Aluminum Post with “L” Bracket, Two (2) Velcro Load Lifter Straps, One (1) Nylon Belt, One (1) Hardware Bag that includes; One (1) Long Mounting Screw M6x35, One (1) Short Black Mounting Screw 5/16-24x5/8 (use if mounting without a stabilizer), Four (4) Washers M4, and Four (4) Long Corner Screws M3x20 (for the Receiver if permanently mounting through fabric).

 Bow Spider Packing System

Basics of Mounting and Deployment

You have the option to mount your Bow Spider to your wall at home, the headrest of your truck, your treestand/tree, and of course on your body (either on your hip or your back). Mounting options vary depending on the set-up of your pack and your bow, it may require some minor adjustments to fit your specific packing needs. The receiver utilizes the weight of your bow to keep it “locked” into place and some horizontal movement of your bow is normal and actually helps the system work properly. For retrieval of your bow simply angle your bow towards your body (or the object it's mounted to) and lift up. If retrieved properly the Bow Spider System makes very minimal noise upon extraction.

 Attaching the Bow Spider Post to Your Bow

Bow Spider Post

Option 1 Behind Stabilizer: Remove the lower front stabilizer (ALL stabilizers are standard size). Place slotted “L” bracket and post against your bow, with both angles of the bracket facing or touching your bow. Mount Post opposite side from your sight. Tightly screw your stabilizer back in place (use Locktite if needed). (see picture 1)

Option 2 Through Mount: Remove “L” bracket from your Post. Use Long Bolt from Hardware kit to through mount the Post anywhere on your bow there is an appropriately sized hole (usually the upper/lower quiver riser hole). If the holes on your bow are too large for the screw, use washers to fill the gap. (see picture 2)

Option 3 Without Stabilizer: Use a 5/16x24 bolt through slotted “L” bracket that’s attached to your post. Ensure both angles of bracket are facing or touching your bow. Mount opposite side from your sight. Secure bolt tightly (use Locktite if needed) (see picture 3)

Other tips: The Bow Spider works best when mounting about ⅓ of the way in from either end of your bow. 

Removing “L” bracket-  Use a heavy-duty rubber gripped glove to hold the round part of the Post. Use an impact drill to remove the screw. Another option is to use a crescent wrench/vice and impact gun to remove the “L” bracket.

CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO: How to mount your post


Mounting your Bow Spider Receiver or “Puck”

Soft Mount - There are many options for soft mounting your Receiver (see below).

Soft Mount for Bow Spider

Hip Mount: The Receiver can be mounted on either hip using the included belt or a belt of any kind. You may find mounting on your non-dominant hip works best for quick easy deployment. Ensure your Receiver is positioned on the side of your hip, rather than the front of your hip.

Option 1- without backpack: Simply thread your belt through the center slot of your Receiver. Ensure your belt is tight. (see image A)

Option 2- with backpack: Thread your Receiver through any hip strap on your pack. You may need to temporarily remove a buckle to allow the strap to thread through the Receiver. If you have a sewn-in hip strap you can disassemble your Receiver then slide the back piece behind the strap, replace the front piece then replace screws/nuts into appropriate holes. (see image B)

Note: if your backpacks hip belt has Molle webbing or a sewn in pocket you will need a “Molle Receiver” in order to run the Bow Spider System on your hip. See our website-

Top of Backpack: Use included velcro straps to secure your receiver around the shoulder straps of your pack (as high up on your pack as possible). Slide straps through the 2 top slots of your receiver, so that the plastic “D” loop is in the front of the receiver. Then loop the long ends around your shoulder straps and back through the “D” loop and secure velcro. Finally ensure there is another strap through the center of your receiver. Using the included belt, a strap from your pack or extra velcro straps. It's important to have 3 points of securement when mounting your receiver, to ensure proper deployment. (see image C)

CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO: How-to mount your receiver to a day pack

Headrest of Vehicle: Thread the belt through the center of the Receiver then mount your receiver/belt around the headrest of your vehicle for easy safe transportation of your bow, without the bulky case. Second Option: use the velcro straps and fasten them around the headrest posts. (see image D)

CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO: How-to mount to your truck headrest

Tree/Treestand: Follow instructions for mounting to headrest or Solid Surface

Hard Mount 

Hard Mount Bow Spider

You have the option to more permanently mount your receiver in several ways. It will mount to any sturdy solid surface including; wall, tree, treestand, ground blind. As well as any sturdy material, fabric, strap or bino harness.

Through fabric: Mount through any sturdy material, strap or bino harness. Remove the 4 black screws from Receiver. Place Receiver in desired location, mark holes then burn pilot holes (can use paperclip or safety pin). Use longer screws and washers (in hardware kit) push screw through fabric first then through the Receiver. Attach the black locking nuts to the screws. Note: the screws will be mounted from the back of the Receiver rather than through the front. (see image E,F,G)

CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO: How to mount through fabric or bino harness

Tree Stand Mount

To a Solid Surface: Place drywall screw (not included) wherever you choose to mount your receiver. Slide the receiver onto the screw using the keyhole, then finish securement by placing another screw through the top front of your receiver. (see image H1, H2, I)

Wherever you choose to mount your receiver and post, ensure they are secure and tight prior to use. 

Bow Spider is not responsible for the integrity of the cloth/material where the receiver is attached. 

Bow Spider is not responsible for damage to any equipment of which the Bow Spider is mounted.