About Us

Hello and Welcome! I am David Merrill, founder of Recreational Archery Development (RAD) and The Bow Spider™. Priceless life experiences in the outdoors is my passion.

I grew up hiking, fishing, and camping in Oregon's Cascade mountains; an amazing place where a boy can be a boy and his mom-ma does not worry about him (well, not very much). In 1996, my Uncle Kendall introduced me to archery. In a moment, a life-long passion for bow-hunting was ignited deep in the heart of that 14-year-old boy and it continues to burn to this day.

Living among the wildlife and wild places of Alaska was a dream opportunity. While there, I spent every free moment in the wilds, hunting Dall sheep and fishing for salmon. 

Adventure and wide open spaces continued to call but with a growing family, I felt the need to be closer to our extended relatives. My wife, Crystal, and I moved to Wyoming in 2013 and started our family. My 3 boys are the joy of my life. I cannot think of a more pure way to feed my loved ones than with wild, free-range, organic game.  

In 2015, during a back-country hunt with a friend, the trophy of my dreams appeared before me. The bow was strapped to my backpack and beyond my reach. By the time my buddy got the bow released, the bull elk was gone. I swore I would never miss the moment again. I went home and started creating prototypes until I had a product that would fit every bow and every backpack, enabling hunters everywhere to grab their bow and go.