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Pack Your Bow anywhere with the Bow Spider...

The Bow Spider is designed to allow you to retrieve your bow quickly when every second counts!

 It comes with a sturdy belt and long bolts allowing for multiple ways to secure your bow. Use the belt to attach your bow to your pack, hip, truck headrest, blind, or tree. Easily attach the Bow Spider to a binocular harness, or backpack. Mount to any sturdy flat surface for secure
and easy storage. 

Never Miss a Moment with the Bow Spider!

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Awesome Features of the Bow Spider!

  • Mount to Your Hip

    Use the straps provided to mount the Bow Spider to your side using a belt. or on your pack frame belt. Or you can attach it to your pack frame waist band. Both of these options provide for easy access while hiking or exploring for game as well as during professional archery shooting competitions.  

  • Mount in Your Tree Stand

    Use the Bow Spider to secure your bow in your tree stand for quick quiet access. Carry it up securely on your back and cinch to the tree! This eliminates the need for a rope pulley to pull your bow up after you are already in the tree stand. Once in the tree stand utilize provided strap to attach the Bow Spider to the tree for quick access. 

  • Use On Your Pack

    You can choose temporarily or permanently mounting options. Use the straps provided to mount to your pack temporarily. You can also use the provided bolts to semi-permantenly afix it to your pack. It will save your arms when walking through the wilderness looking for that ultimate trophy. 

  • Safe Storage for Home or Travel

    Use the provided trap to affix the Bow Spider to your seat while driving. You can also screw the Bow Spider to the wall for long term storage in your home. 

How the Bow Spider Works

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