The Seasons of Hunting: What to Hunt and When

The Seasons of the Game

Many people all around the world like spending time in nature by going hunting. Different types of wildlife and environmental patterns result in distinct seasons for hunting in different parts of the world. Let's check out each season of hunting.


Turkeys and black bears are best hunted in the spring. Late April and early May are prime hunting months for turkeys since that is when they mate.


Many game animals are in the breeding or rearing stages throughout the summer, making it an unpopular time to go hunting. Predators like coyotes, foxes, and wolves can be legally hunted in the summer in several jurisdictions.


In many parts of the world, especially those with abundant big game, autumn is the peak hunting season. Large game animals like deer, elk, moose, and others are more active around this time. Upland game birds like grouse and pheasants can be hunted in the fall as well.


As the season for waterfowl hunting, winter is another great time to get out and do some hunting. Waterfowl including ducks, geese, and swans move southward, where they are more easily accessible to hunters. Predators like coyotes and wolves are more active and easier to follow in the snow, making winter an ideal time for predator hunting.


Depending on area and the sort of hunt and local laws, it may be possible to go out at any time of the year. Hunting for predators and small game like rabbits and squirrels is usually accepted throughout the year.

Finally, hunting seasons change from place to place and species to species. Turkeys and black bears can be hunted in the spring, large game and upland birds in the fall, and waterfowl and predators in the winter. Certain forms of hunting may be pursued at any time of the year, but doing so safely and successfully requires familiarity with local laws and norms. Hunting is a popular outdoor sport because it is fun and fulfilling no matter the season.